Accomplishing your own Dream Board

18 March

Dream Board or vision board to others is one of the most useful way of visualizing ones goals and dream. I think everyone is familiar with it, but not all has created atleast one. This dream board can help someone be inspired on reaching their goals.
As I have promised to my self, I WILL finish my  Belle de Jour planner’s own Dream Board.  So the past weekend, I gathered stuff that I used for it.
Take a look at my dream board. 🙂

Want to know how I did this? Here’s the list:
1. Have some cute ballpoint pens and a pencil
I always love using different shades of pens when writing, for my dream board project, i chose pink, black and green.
*If you want to put letterings and calligraphy, it is better to use pencil first.
2. Use Craft/Decorative and Washi Tapes
I’ve been in love with washi tapes since 2014, I even used it on designing my mobile phone chargers. You can use washi tapes for borders. The decorative/craft tapes, on the other hand have character designs, I just cut the characters and put it on the planner.
Decorative/craft tapes cost 3 pesos to 15 pesos each at CDR-King and the washi tape is 35 pesos at Lucky China Town. But you can get it for a lower price if wholesale.

3. Learn Calligraphy and Lettering
Although they said that calligraphy and lettering are not the same, you can practice either or both of it so you could add style on your writing. There are sites in which you can input the word/words you want to write and a calligraphy or lettering version of it will be generated. By then, you can copy it and use it on writing and designing.
Here is an example of site I am talking about –
Just type a text, then press ENTER. *screengrabbed*
4. Create your own stickers
If you are not contented with the stickers you see available in the market, why not create your own? I have found lots of free printable designs on certain websites and blogs. Just download those and paste on a word file. Next, buy a sticker paper! You can find lots in any book store. Sticker papers (I think) have two variants – matte and glossy. Just choose what you want. Lastly, print the designs you have gathered, then enjoy cutting the stickers!
my own stickers!
5. Look for your old magazines
If lettering, tapes and stickers design aren’t enough – go check out all your old magazines! Since dream board suggests that you put things that attract you, like colors, dress, places you want to visit and others, magazine will give you all that. Simply cut out what’s pleasing in your eyes and paste it on your board. That easy!
Now who’s already ready for their dream board? Don’t forget that it doesn’t mean that your planner needs to have this page. You can create your own on your notebook! Even a big one or a poster will do. Just be creative and let the artist in you shine!

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