My First A5 Planner: The Reset Girl Carpe Diem Ballerina

03 January

Just when I thought I wouldn't get it before the holidays, a courier came into the house on a weekend to deliver a package. It was big and I knew then it's my most awaited gift!

I was so excited when I am opening the package. Not long enough, I had in front of my eyes The Reset Girl Ballerina A5 Planner Boxed Set.

The Reset Girl Ballerina A5 Planner Boxed Set
I got this planner from Crafters Avenue which is an online shop owned by one of my planner girl friend - Cathrea. This is currently my first A5 planner. Boxed sets are available but you can also purchase the planner (ala carte), inserts and other accessories separately.

The boxed set includes:

the leather planner
24 monthly calendar pages (undated)
12 monthly tabbed dividers (undated)
72 vertical weekly inserts (undated)
1 acetate dashboard with foil print
4 assorted decorative inserts
1 3x4 pocket card

Planner + set of inserts

The Reset Girl

The Reset Girl is Cori Spieker, a certified planner girl. Carpe Diem Planners are the addition to her line of planners and is a collaboration with Simple Stories. She, together with her husband Mr. Crafty currently owns TheResetGirl shop.

The Anatomy of The Reset Girl Carpe Diem Ballerina Planner 

Let's take a look to how the planner looks like. The Planner comes with a sun glasses metal charm. There are other colors available but I chose Ballerina (light pink). It comes with an acetate dahsboard with a print that says "You Got This!"

Above photo is the nearest color of the actual planner. When I took other photos of it, the color looks different because of the lighting.
Full Spread
closer look on the pockets

The planners are all in A5 size. Texture is leather unlike my Kikki K Medium Cute which has a texture made with nylon. The 6 rings are gold. Closer look on it, you will see the interior pockets. I am really happy with the pockets of the Carpe Diem. One reason why I wanted to have this is because it also has the window pocket. The 3x4 pocket card that says “It’s never too late to reset your life” is already inside it. 

There's also 2 other pockets on the right side of the planner which is where the pen loop is also located.
There are 12 monthly tabbed dividers all in 180 gsm. There are also calendar pages in 180 gsm and assorted decorative inserts. These are double sided to which you can write on too. One of those that I have seen is the monthly log where in there is the section “What I want to accomplish”, “How I spent my time” and “Important Dates.”

Here is the catch. ALL OF THE VERTICAL WEEKLY INSERTS ARE 140 GSM! You just gotta love that! It’s thicker unlike the inserts of my other planners. Makes me not to worry much when using different types of pens when writing.

Note: All of the inserts, dividers and calendar pages are undated so if you are also customizing your inserts or cannot use everything, you can definitely use it the next year.

Monthly Tabbed Divider for March
The Vertical Weekly Inserts

So there you have it! That's the newest addition on my growing planner collection. The Reset Planner is really beautiful and given that it's A5, I can write alot on it. I am a planner who uses planner as a journal, drawing pad, diary and organizer. I am pretty sure this will work a lot for me! I can't wait to show you how I did my set up. "Till next time!

more photos!
Planner Inserts

The Reset Girl Carpe Diem Ballerina Planner is released overseas. You may purchase this here in the Philippines thru Crafters Avenue. Please check her Facebook page:

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  1. I honestly love the look of your planner. I, too, would be excited to open my package and use my first A5 planner. It makes planning and writing fun. And it surely will inspire me to write and plan more. I imagine myself buying a lot of colorful pens and planner stickers. But in as much as I would love to check out Crafters Avenue, I decided to not make the first move or I will regret it. I got a planner my brother in law gave last Christmas and it would be impolite not to use it. I know that when I visit Crafters Avenue, I cannot control myself from shopping. :)

  2. You did say planner collection? So, if I understand, there is a planner collecting hobby? The planner does look nice, but I thought most people go with one planner for the rest of the year? On a lighter note, you don't have an excuse when it comes to scheduling. :)

    1. Hahaha Robert. That's what you always when you see my planner blogs. yes there is. and there is a wide community already of creative planners. we use this not just for planning. it also works as notebook, journal and scrapbook. so basically, that's the reason it's not just 1. :) but again, not everything that works for others, will for for everybody. :)

  3. Wow! I like planners! It is timely as it is the new year too. in pink too like mine. I also love the designs. Do you collect planners and organizers? Just curious.

    1. I do. :) I use it as my diary, journal, notebook and anything I can write on to. Hahaha. but i stopped with 3

  4. Planners are interesting. I bought a Planner from a while back, and also got a Starbucks planner from the hype once before, but I always never end up using the planners productively the way I want to.

    I think it would really save a lot of time and money if planners can be left empty with out the month, date and year written in yet so you carry it over to the next year, or you can just print them out or companies can send out refillable pages. There is a way around that, but you know, things are commercialized and it's always about generating money and earnings.

    I'm the type that like professional looking planners, usually black and lined. But these days, everything is going digital, that I think my Tablet Calendar and Evernote Apps work superbly for me, especially with the pop up reminders.

    Although, I love calligraphy writing as well, probably it's best I use a separate paper or notebook for it, as well as having a handwriting dream or meditation journal diary.

    You should check out for all your writing needs, if you don't know about it already. I have the ELIAS large notebook, made in the Philippines, and I love it. :)

    Great post. Cheers! :)

    1. thanks for the recommendation! hmm. my planners are ringed so i can replace the inserts. there are online shops who sell inserts (dated and undated). i am using my kikki k for more than a year now :)

  5. In an increasingly technical world a standard planner out of paper can be quite refreshing. I do own one myself and it is indeed a super handy tool. If I write something down by hand, it can remember it a lot better than just typing something in your phone or computer. Also on journey a planner can be a great tool. For every day I write down what I have down, and after a year I have a look in the planner, what I was actually doing one year ago - I have to admit, I am so forgettable.

  6. Very cute and handy planner! I like its size, that it's not very heavy and I can carry it in any bag. I also love that it has covers to protect it. 365 days is very long. I personally do bullet journalling in normal notebooks, but planners in whatever form are a must.

  7. That's a cute planner! I started to use one, but I dropped it. I guess because it wasn't as cute as this one!
    I stick to my A4 notebook though.

  8. That is a very cute planner! The pink is very appealing and calming. I usually go for very simple planners, not sure why. I love planners with pockets too! So much more practical that way. Have fun with your planner this year!

  9. I used to collect planners as well but this year I only have 2. This A5 planner is something I would love to buy for myself as well. I love that it has so much to write on. I also love how subtle the pink color is. Is this available in mint as well? I'll check it out and maybe consider to get one for myself next year.

  10. This planner is beautiful! This exaclty what I need. I love the design and the whole style of the planner. I never heard about this brand, but I will check them, because long time ago I'm looking something like this!

  11. I LOVE this. Is it available to Australians, please?

  12. How much is this boxed set planner in the Philippines?

  13. How much is this boxed set planner in the Philippines?