Crafted by Hand and Heart: 2017 Starbucks The Siren Planner

27 December

All these years of being a planner girl, I have never thought of having myself a Starbucks Planner. Back in the days, I will just giveaway my stickers. I am sucker of coffee but honestly, I am not really attracted with how the Starbucks Planners looked like the passed years. Don't get me wrong, I am just the girly type when it comes to things. I like them with designs and different colors.
This year is different. After I decided to give the BDJ Petit Planner to my sister as a Christmas gift (because she really wants to have one), I was sure enough that I wanted to get the 2017 Starbucks Planner. 

There are actually 2 choices for this year. Starbucks Philippines offered a coffee stained design and the other that I got, a blue siren inspired - The Siren. These comes in regular and mini sizes.

Inside the Box

As a tradition, these planners can be obtained by collecting stickers. 9 regular drinks and 9 featured holiday beverages. One may also get a planner by having a single receipt purchase of any participating Starbucks items worth P7,000.00.

Seeing what's inside the box, Starbucks is putting their game up. For The Siren, they have included a navy blue cloth pouch designed with gold mermaid tail, an erasable pen, a magnetic bookmark and coffee stickers.

The Planner - I chose regular size

I can really say that I am impressed of how simple yet intricate the planner looks like. I love the gold geometric pattern which lies on the luminous aqua, jade and teal background of it.


Of course, a calendar is included on the planner starting from 2017 to 2018. Yes! Up untill 2018.
2017-2018 Calendar
Each month has a different watercolor artwork. I fell for the beauty of the drawing for the month of May-my birthmonth. It's a mermaid!
Month Separator/Divider for May
Along with the off-white pages, not to missed is the Monthly Page enough to note activities for the entire month.
Monthly Page
The weekly page has a horizontal layout. The Notes page also comes after which gives you more space to record or list. You can also doodle and draw (just like what I do with my planners' Notes pages.) I can get my hands dirty here and design!😜
Weekly Page and Notes


At the back, there are pages that contains the discount coupons that can be used on Starbucks branches in the Philippines. Some includes free upsize, 50% off on Starbucks merch and more!
Discount Coupons
I tried to test different pens that I usually use on the planner.It's the Sharpie Ultra Fine Point pen that bled on the pack of the page. Too bad as I always use this pen! Thank God Zig Brush doesn't.

Pen Test

Back Page
Yes it's true. You will sometimes have a change of heart. I just did with the SB planners! All thanks to my officemates who helped me on collecting stickers. Haha. Since they are not collecting, they let me have the stickers when we are buying frappes. I got mine just 2 days before Christmas day! I am really excited to use this next year!

Who's using the same too?

*The redemption of planners is until March 9, 2017. *

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  1. I used to have Starbucks planners in my twenties. I think from 2006 to 2010. But, decided to change planners. Glad that Starbucks improved their planners. Also good to know about the coupons you can enjoy! :)

  2. Pretty interesting. A planner, that looks really cool and can be a very good organizer sounds really cool. And it's like icing on the cake if you get those discount coupons for future purchases...

  3. Oh, I also have the same planner! I was also impressed with the design, it was so beautiful. I have been collecting SB planners for years. :) I'm glad you had a change of heart. <3

  4. Starbucks planners are always beautiful. I remember collecting SB planners since college until I was already working. I also have supportive friends. LOL.It has been two years of using a BDJ planner, tho. Change of heart. :)

    1. in my case, i have been a bella for 2 years until i shifted to SB planner. :)

  5. That is a very pretty planner! My birth month is also May and I love the mermaid. I think you chose well to pick the Siren. I've always been a Starbucks coffee junkie, but maybe I will now check out their planners too!

  6. Wow! I am using planner too, to note down everything in my life as I am juz too blur & forgetful at stuff ;) the Starbucks planner so pretty & nicely designed. I wish I can own one too for 2017 & 2018. You are so lucky to have your officemates collecting stickers for you. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  7. I love planners, too. I also like nice-looking planners. I used to paint with watercolors. To have a planner with these beautiful paintings must feel so good. But I also recently designed my own planning pages based on my lifestyle and strategies. You might want to check it out. Here is the link:

  8. I also wanted to have a Starbucks Planner :( Sadly, I couldn't afford drinking SB coffee everyday, and I don't know why but I'm not really that fond of coffee so I stick with National Bookstore's available planner haha! Starbucks did really up their game last year for the planners, I hope next time they make marbled design planners tho! Hahaha no connection with their coffee but I would definitely collect stickers for that.

  9. The Starbucks planner is really pretty! I had the 2016 Starbucks planner and I used it a lot. I decided not to get the 2017 one though because I am trying to save. But whenever I do go to Starbucks, I get the stickers. Good choice, I like that green and gold one. Looks classy! Enjoy filling up those pages :)

  10. I've collected the planners since they first launched and this year is one of the prettiest though still not the best. :) Glad you liked it though.

  11. Gorgeous! I love those watercolor prints as well! Very artistic. I had a fantastic planner in my college days, which I still treasure! After that, planners weren't enough for my work. I needed more space and switched to diaries!