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I am Aika Loraine and here you'll see my planner crafting tales. 

I love anything DIY. I am hooked to any adorable papers, pens, clips and notebooks. 

For now, I have 3 planners. 

I got into Creative Planning early 2015. Before, I am only a scrapbooker. One time, I am filling my Belle De Jour Power Planner with magazine cut outs and stickers when I decided why not I do that for the rest of the planner’s pages. I looked for inspirations and to my surprised; this hobby has been going for quite a while already.

I currently have a Kikki K Medium Cute Planner, The Reset Girl Carpe Diem Ballerina, My Write Life 2018 and BTS Seasons Greetings 2018 Diary. I am not using all. This year, I only use My Write Life and BTS Diary.

My Write Life

Kikki K Medium Cute Planner
The Reset Girl Carpe Diem Ballerina
BTS Seasons Greetings 2018 Diary

I have been a part of Papermela’s PR Team as well. I promote her stickers, clips and washi tapes by showing how I design my planner using her products.

I also love anything DIY-ish. I love doodling and writing scribbles. I also love scrapbooks

Oh! I can show you too where I buy my craft stuff! 

Happy reading!

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