Start your year with BDJ: The Belle De Jour Power Planner 2016

10 January

BDJ is now on its 10th year and I am a proud Bella for 3 years. My first Belle De Jour Power Planner is their 2014 edition. I was on my first months of being a career woman back then and looking for a great planner until I stumbled upon it in a bookstore. It’s like it’s whispering on my ears – “Try me, and I’ll make your life even better and organized.” *laughs
I fell in love with this planner. And I will be sharing to you why.
The Belle De Jour Power Planner 2016

The cover art of the planner is as always gorgeous. It differs every edition. This year, their theme is Share the Spark. You may choose if you want the spiral, smyth sewn, leather or customized  (Belle de Jour Power Planner with your name on it!).

Flip the cover and you will be welcomed with a page (below). Congratulations, you are now a certified BDJ Girl!
More welcoming with their encouraging words.

“Your light is the strength that comes from your heart. Your thought brings it, your emotion amplifies it, and your action increases the momentum.”
This is not just a planner, BDJ helps you on achieving your dreams. Their is a 2016 Goals section where you can put your personal life goals, financial goals, health goals, career goals and even relationship goals! Next page, shall be filled by you with the things that make you happy. It will help you when you need a little boost of positivity.

2016 Goals and Happiness List

The Dream Board page is my favorite! Last year, I shared on my blog how I designed my BDJ planner’s dream board, this year, it has become a yearly habit. #MY2016BDJDreamboard simply shows the 10 things I NEED to do/accomplish – like doing more outreach activities, planning my next summer vacay and SAVING (money). I really enjoy designing that’s why I was so excited to finish my board. I added cut outs and quotes I love. I also did few notes to myself, letterings and drawings.

Some of the pages/features that remained on the planner are the:
  • 2016 Checklist – list of new things to try out this year
  • Ikigai – interconnecting circles to fill out things “That which you love”, “That which world needs”, “That which you are good at”, and “That which you can be paid for
  • Menstrual Tracker – keep track of your menstrual pattern to be prepared for the next!
  • Events Calendar – jot down most important events of the year on this page.
And of course, there are new ones!
This spread has the “What’s Your Next Big Idea” where you can write all the great ideas that keep popping out! “Spend Smart”goes for every Bellas’ budgeting list.
Every start of the month, the planner will treat you with an article that talks about different life topics per month. This month, the article is entitled “I can do anything”. What a beautiful way to start the month, right?

I Can Do Anything

So this are the pages where the usual planning goes. The pages are already colorful, but if you feel like being a little artsy, you can have it designed as well. Just like what I did on my Jan 11 to 13 spread.

If you think that’s all. Check out the photo below. Some more featured pages are included. Even a Bills Tracker is includes. Perfect!
Just last week, I had to track my bills. A Cash Flow Tracker is also in the planner so no more problemo on checking where the money goes. *amazing!

Some more dibs!
Here goes the perks. The BDJ Planner includes a Perks of a Bella booklet werein a lot of discount coupons are present. Some of the partner brands that are included are:
  1. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
  2. Ace Water Spa and Hotel
  3. Browhaus
  4. Serenitea
  5. Revlon
  6. Havaianas
  7. Celeteque
  8. Jergens
  9. Sorci
  10. Red Box
  11. Keds
  12. Skechers

Perks of a Bella

There is also a Lifestyle Card (last year, the card works also as a Zap Card). The Lifestyle Card also provides big discounts from the partner brands. If you don’t have the coupons with you, you may use the card instead.
This blog is not intended to be a review, but I hope I made you, girls, inspired to get your own Belle De Jour Power Planner, too. Because really, it has everything you need. It fits a career woman, a student, a business woman and everything else!
*You can buy the planner thru online at or to any National Book Stores and Power Books
My spiral planner costs P598.00 at Power Books.
*This blog post won on Belle De Jour Power Planner’s Start your Year with BDJ Blog writing contest*

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