My 1st Planner Meetup at The Habbit

07 June

My 1st Planner Meetup at The Habbit 

Creative Planning is an addicting hobby. At this stage, it is for me. Although, I am seeing more of it as positive because I became more organized and I follow my schedule strictly now. I guess, it’s how you manage the hobby, yes?

Just recently, I attended my very first Planner Meet up. It was last Sunday, June 5th held at The Habbit, Congressional Quezon City for Planner Girls from the North. As I already know that there are a lot of people who are into this creative hobby, I decided to join when I saw an invite on the Journal & Planner Enthusiast Facebook Group. I wanted to get inspirations from other planner girls and pundits. Luckily, I got a slot. <confetti please!>

The Habbit is a cafe/restaurant where you can play board games, card games and eat at the same time. It’s owned by one of the organizers of the meet up. I was welcomed with a crowd of boys and girls who are playing cards. I also sawtwo cabinets. One is full of toys, action figures and board game displays and one is full of washi tapes, clips, stickers and stamps. My eyes sparkled seeing the craft supplies.

I was literally “nalula” with all the girls stash/planner supplies. I didn’t brought a lot since it’s bulky and heavy. Hahaha. Anyhow, we began with getting to know. We stated our names, when did we start doing the hobby and what planner are we using. It’s so nice to know people who are busy in their respective field and found planning a big help with their daily lives. <wink>

After the getting to know, we started the planning session! Summer of Planners and Journals brought a lot from her stash and allowed us to use them. She got a lot of clear stamps, punchers, Project Life cards, washi tapes and others. Everyone started designing already. While crafting, we were served with our orders like french fries, sandwiches, lemon iced tea and fried chicken. How can you not enjoy?


I started decorating my week spread on my Kikki.K Cute Planner. I printed ombre watercolor boxes in matte sticker paper so I can write over them. I put the boxes because the quality of paper is thin causing pen to bleed on the other side of the page.
Here’s our planner stack! So lovely to see these beauties!


It was announced that they will organize monthly meet ups. This is so other planner girls can attend also on the next hang outs. We were all giddy to know about since we will be able to know and meet other girls. I wish I can make it most of the time. 
And here’s my finished and decorated planner week spread. I enjoyed stamping using clear stamps. Hihihi.


photo from planner babe Princess ♥

The day ended us having lots of gifts from other planner girls and with beautifully decorated planner week spreads. ♥

Thank you and nice meeting you, girls!
Map going to The Habbit


*some of the photos on the featured image are free printables*
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