Planner Seatmates' Planner Meet and Christmas Party

23 December

The group of people I am always with during planner meet ups recently organized another meet. This time, it's for our Christmas Party. The day is a little hectic for me, I have a dance practice in the morning till afternoon reason why I was late on our meet up. You may be wondering, what do we always do on a planner meet, anyway?


There are a lot of tools or supplies we use on Creative Planning [check The Art of Creative Planning], two of which are colored pencils and clear stamps. I love stamping during planner meets. Of course, not all of us have all the clear stamps available in the market. If a planner girl has a stamp that we don't have, we use it on meets. We usually stamp on a matte sticker paper, color it and cut it after.



I personally cannot consume all of my washi tapes, and my friends who have a lot too! During meet ups, we bring our collection of washi tapes and we get samples and roll it on bobbins, pvc or popsicle sticks. 


We have time also to decorate. I find it convinient attending planner meets because I get to design my planner. I can finish a whole month of my weekly spreads!


Us, the Planner Seatmates' usually hold our meet ups to one of the planner girls' home. During our party, she allowed us to print our desired designs and printed it on sticker paper. Kiddie and Kay also allowed us to use their Canon Selphy to print photos!


Of course, a Christmas party isn't a party without foods. The chef on our group brought cupcakes she baked. All of it are delish! My diet was almost ruined. Haha. Heck. I finished 2 cupcakes, a plate full of palabok, barbeque, chicken and veggies.

Cupcakes made by Kath
Cupcakes made by Kath

We concluded our party with the exchange gift. We each brought gift worth 300.00. I got a tumbler! The other gifts are from Kath, Toni and Ira.

 No friendship is an accident. -O. Henry  
It is indeed. These people became my friends because we share the same hobbies. We are a circle growing, Kaye and Kiddie joined us this time. I am happy to be part of these lovely group. Our next meet up is for baking lesson!
Group pic!
Our Planner Tower

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