Hey, it's April!

07 April

There are three responses for a design - yes, no and WOW. WOW is the one to aim for. 
 - Milton Glaser

Hello dear planner girls and all those who have stumbled upon my blog. It has been hmmmmm almost 3 months since I updated you. That's way too long!

Today, I have the entire day for me alone because I have 2 weeks of vacation before next class term starts. No class and no work means I have no excuse to not write the things I needed to. I have a lot of pending posts. waaaaahhhhh!

You know that quote above, it actually inspired me more to do good on Creative Planning. Fact is, I design because I want to do it. I want to see colorful and beautiful things. So for me, just a YES is enough. WOWs are bonuses! Yet, it doesn't mean I seek attention to get more likes or hearts on Instagram. Who posts for likes by the way? LOL

Okay, since I have been in hiatus for so long. I want to share some things with you. Things I wanted to share but I am unable to since I was too busy with work and school. 

Last February, me and my planner girlfriends had a meet up. Originally, it is a baking meet. One of the planner girls - Kath bakes and she has her own cake and pastry business. She taught the other girls how to bake chocolate cake. We also held Kay's bridal shower during the meet. Though I was not able to be on time for the baking lessons, I managed to have  a good time with the girls. A big good news was also revealed during our February meet. Ira is already pregnant. <3 Yehey! 

Here's the chocolate cake they baked <3

Here's Kay during her Alice in Wonder Land themed Bridal Shower

It was a fun day! We shared messages to Kay, love and relationship advise (which I am not good to haha) and even played games. 

I personally enjoyed the game. We had to make a wedding dress out of newspaper. HAHA. It was really fun I even put it on Facebook live. 

Serah, Noelle and Toni's team

And the winners! Me, Cathrea and Kath's team 🎊
Our day won't last without our group pictures! 

So excited too to share my designs!

Give me some drum rolls sound now, please!

So how does my planners look like now? Here are some photos.

My Carpe Diem Blog Planner

Kikki K Cute Personal Planner

Starbucks The Siren Work Planner

Bonus: I used the notepad on listing the Korean Dramas I have watched. If you are also a Korean Drama fan, here are some of my suggestions. Thank me later. I will post the next list soon. Hahaha. <3

All those planner girls, see you on the Planner Conference 2017! 
Saranghae! <3

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