Plan with Me: Week 3 and 4

26 January

Week 4 is almost over! If you are asking when do I usually decorate my planners, my answer is - it is always every Sunday. Weekdays are for work, blog promotion and Kdramas (yeah, I am a Kdrama addict) and during Saturdays - I have a class in Mapua to attend (I recently enrolled).  What a busy person, yeah? That's why I think I have a good reason having 3 planners! 😤

Sunday is my only free time of the week. There's enough of time for me to play with my planners and journal. Anyway, for long time, I have been thinking of purchasing sticker kits to decorate my planner. What I was looking for are weekly sticker kits. Then, I have found these. 

I bought these stickers from Paper Joy PH. It is in personal size so it is very easy to use and are perfectly fit on the boxes of my vertical inserts. I have used these for my Kikki K Planner Week 3 and 4.

Week 3

Week 3 on my Kikki K Cute | Before the Pen and Completed

The gold themed stickers used here are the Soar High Personal Planner Sticker Kit of Paper Joy. At first, I thought of doing a no white space planning however, I was not able to achieve it. Haha. Nonetheless, I still managed to almost fill the page. I decided to use the Soar High for Week 3 because this is the week when I started schooling again. I have a goal set for this year that can be achieved with the course I am enrolled at. Yes, soar high! Believe! 

Week 3 on my Carpe Diem TheResetGirl | Before the Pen and Completed
My blog planner as you see above was mostly decorated with stamps. Look at that Happy Girl in Tutu! Isn't she cute? Also, I have a lot of washi samples with me I obtained thru Planner Meets and I am maximizing the use of them on my blog planner. I added a doily cut in quarter and pasted it on the bottom part.

Week 3 on my Starbucks The Siren | Before the Pen and Completed
Okay, here is my work planner/journal. As you can see, it has a lot of notes, stories and all. It's really my journal. While at work and not doing anything, I write anything that comes off my mind. I do minimal designs because I tend to write a lot here. The big fox sticker is a from a free printables in etsy we printed during the Planner Seatmates' Meet and Christmas Party. It is really cute, no?

Week 4

I am going to show you the Before the Pen look of the planners since Week 4 isn't over yet. Let's start with Starbucks. Recently, I have found a notepad with vintage designs on my stack of stationary. I cut some and pasted it on the notes section (right part). I also decided to use my long kept wooden rubber stamps. Before, I don't know what to do with them. But now, I have found out that it's good to use for journaling.

Week 4 on my Starbucks The Siren | Before the Pen
Next up is my Kikki K Planner. On week 4, I used the Brunch Sticker Kit. It's just so cute because it has my favorite color - pink. Aren't that two girls so cute? I added some more stickers to mark other tasks. On my Carpe Diem, I focused on Happy Girls stamps too. I also used stickers from Papermela. My Carpe Diem is a large planner so I am able to maximize the use of washi tapes. Just love that I was able to use my washi tapes that I have not been using for so long. Haha!

Week 4 on my Kikki K Cute | Before the Pen
Week 4 on my Carpe Diem TheResetGirl | Before the Pen

Hope you liked the my decorations for Week 3 and 4! Head on to my Instagram account to view more planner related photos!

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  1. Wow, in planner heaven, some gorgeous planner spreads there. Love xx