Plan with Me: Week 15 and 16

17 April

The first quarter of the year is about to end. I feel like it was not so long ago when I got my Startbucks and Carpe Diem Planner. Back to our regular programming, this is me on my plan with me segment. 

To be honest, I feel like I should do a vlog for this instead, but, I am not good with editing videos and such. Don't worry! I'll start practicing now. ☺ 

Hmmm. At this moment, I want to share to you my humble workstation. It is really small. I am dreaming of getting my own work room filled with washi tapes, stamps, stationary, pens and art materials and a bigger table. 

Yeah. I really need to get a bigger table.

Time for planners and how I designed it!

Kikki K Cute Week 15
My Kikki K Planner has turned 2 years old already last February. Thankfully this is a ringed planner sp I was able to use it by just changing inserts. I am now  using customized vertical inserts I bought from an online shop. For week 15, I used the stickers left from one of the sticker kits I have. I need to list a lot so as you can see on the upper left side, I have put a sticker with [heart] bullets. Above  photo is the before the pen design.

Kikki K Cute Week 16
I really cannot do no white space on my planner. Haha. I know I would be able to figure this out. For week 16, once I again, I used a sticker kit. Sooner, I would totally switch to using sticker kit for my Kikki K planner. I love this kit because it's pink plus it is edgy because of the color black. 

I'll show you now my work planner. I have learned to put just little designs here because the illustrations on the Starbucks planner are already beautiful. This planner looks more of a journal now that works for scribbling and doodling when I am not doing anything after finishing tasks for the day.

I have done advanced decoration so week 17 already has a design. :) 

I would really like to know your comments about my planner and journal. Any suggestions on how can I do better on creative journaling for my Starbucks planner? I feel like I want to try vintage theme. Anyone with suggestions? 

If you want to see more of my designs, click one photo you can find at the bottom of this page with label “PCT on Instagram.” Let's be friends! click my social media buttons. 😗

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