PCT at the PlannerCon Manila 2017

02 May

The much awaited event for Planner Girls happened last April 22 in the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel Grand Ballroom. It is a gathering of more than 200 creative planner girls and is one of the biggest gathering  that has ever happened yet. It;s the PlannerCon Manila 2017!

By just putting up this big event, I realized how this hobby has spread and influenced a lot of people, mostly ladies like me. However, this is not just a simple planner meet up I usually attend. A part of the money we paid for the registration went to Virlaine Foundation Philippines, a child-caring institute in Manila. The organizers of PlannerCon Manila will be donating school supplies to them this May.  

Eastwood Richmonde Hotel Grand Ballroom

Event started at 9AM but before that we registered first and was given seat numbers. It's a nice idea to be given seat numbers so that we can meet other planner girls other than those that we are already fond of being with. I was with my group - The Planner Seatmates when I arrived and we were assigned to different seats after, 

PlannerCon Ticket

We were each given a ticket to be used on claiming our loot bag, planner girl pillow, shirt, mug and for our meal. While waiting for the event to start, I wandered and saw these amazing planners, stationery and printers and a lot more. Not long then that I knew that these are all prizes for the raffle. Oh! How generous are the organizers and sponsors, eh?

I went back to my seat and asked the names of my seatmates. We checked each other's planners and journals. I have a frustration on learning water coloring so I was really in awe when I saw Ai's journal. It's so cool!

I asked Ai first is I can take a picture of her journal. So nice, right? 

I also visited seats of the planner girls I am close at and appreciate each others design on their planners.
PlannerCon is all about sharing knowledge and techniques on doing creative planning and journaling. There were scheduled talks to which they shared their techniques on designing planners. One of the interesting talks is the Bullet Journalling (BuJo) session which we are thought of the basics of BuJo. As described on bulletjournal.com, it is doing your to-do list, having your sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. This journaling style is the most personal and customized I have ever seen. Seems like you will do everything from scracth. So those who really enjoy writing, this may be the style they would want to do. 

Chai Bautista on her Creative Planning session

I also learned techniques on coloring. Strokes, which pens and color pens are good to use and more. Wait, your thinking what do we color right? Oh! It's usually for the stamps. We normally do not stamp directly on the paper of our planners because it sometimes bleed on the back of the page. We do it on the sticker paper, color it and cut. I personally use Zig Scroll and Brush to color but there are also other planner girls who use color pencils like Prismacolor, Faber-Castelle and a lot more. 
Stamps I colored and included on my Starbucks The Siren Planner

more about PlannerCon Manila 2017 on the next photos

No time to get hungry because our stomachs were filled with food during the event. Buffet for Lunch!
Meryenda :)

There were also games like Bring Me and raffle. These are the prizes I got.

Shops were given the chance to show their products. There were booths outside the grand ballroom totally being surrounded by people who are interested and urged to buy planner items to add on their stash. Oh well, there are also some who hoard. 😝 Though I wasn't able to take a photo, there is also a workshop room which attendees can use the craft punchers and stamps for use.

A product demonstration was shown as well for Scan N Cut CM700. Scan N Cut CM700 is a product of Brother. It is a scanner and cutter in one. Creative planners like us especially those who create their own stickers and other die cuts were fascinated with the product. It has wireless connectivity that let's you send the files for printing and cutting without the use of a computer. What has made the attendees more excited though is that Brother provided 1 unit for raffle and offered a great deal of discount for thos who wish to get one for themselves.

A special guest was also invited. She is non other than Sen. Pia Cayetano who is into planning and journaling.  She said she was very inspired with the works and designs of planner girls she see posting on Instagram. Sen. Pia said that she recommends to other people to start planning and journaling as it helps a lot on scheduling and memory keeping. The designing part always come as bonus for creative hobbyist of course. She did a Facebook Live during the talk (on her page) and showed to her followers our designs and stash. 

You can check her IG for her works here - @piacayetano

items to add on my stash :)

Planner Tower Contest :)

Planner Seatmates + Alexa

All of the attendees of PlannerCon Manila 2017

Kudos to the organizers! It is fun and memorable day spent with creative planners filled with games, creative planning, crafting and informative talks.

PlannerCon is Co-Presented by:
Belle De Jour Power PlannerLimelightLove CynthiaPlanners and Journals

Heartwarming Thanks to the PlannerCon Committee:
Cynthia Renard
Albert Atienza
Ferry Ko
Casandra Cancino
Elizabeth Fabela
Kristine Quiambao

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