Plan with Me: January Week 1 and 2

15 January

First time. Most of the things I do, share and have here on PCT and as a Creative Planner are considered "firsts." I recently did my first shop feature, got my first A5 planner, first time to get an SB planner and more. Now, as I aim to share everything (to the best that I can) about Creative Planning, I have come up to my first Plan with Me post entry!

I am so sorry but I cannot go live yet. The last time I did a vlog was way months ago. I still don't have the guts and materials (camera, tripod, and a decent work table) yet. So bare with me, please! 😉

Planner Dashboard Setup

The first thing I did before 2017 started is to set up the dashboard of my personal (Kikki K Cute) and blog (Carpe Diem The Reset Girl) planners. The dahsboard is the part of the planner which has pockets and the first thing you will see when you open.

For my Kikki K Cute, I inserted three Project Life (PL) cards in the pockets. I also used clips - ribbon, frappe, bag, shaker clip and flamingo button and one that says "happy". Some of the clips are form Papermela, DecoArt and some I got from generous planner girls during meet ups. I also have sticky notes which I use for listings. I used another PL Card and punched 6 holes on it to give me inspiration whenever I open my planner.

Here you go for my Carpe Diem TheResetGirl. This is in A5 size. I didn't replaced the pocket card that came in with the planner. I added a PL card again in the pocket with a cat's face and one with a drawing of a bicycle. Some more clips are added as well. One of my favorite is the Unicorn clip from Crafty Papillon.

Now, we are heading on with the weekly spreads...

Week 1: Loving clean layouts

When I was still new with this craft (well, I still think I am a newbie), I admit that my decorations are nowhere to go. I don't have a theme per week. Everything are scattered. As time goes by, I started to apply a theme per week and started to love simple and clean layouts.

For Week 1, I decided to use the freebie stickers I got from the  Journal and Planner Enthusiasts Philippines Grand Meet 2016. 

The inserts I used are from CraftnCreatePH. Vertical layout works for me. I used the flamingo inspired stickers from Frafee for my Kikki K. I also added recollection washi tapes on the edge where the holes are at.  The CarpeDiem is undated so I needed to cutout numbers from an old calendar we have at home. I pasted those using a glue tape. I still have unsued stickers from Papermela's Hibiscus Collection. Since my Carpe Diem is a blog planner (and I also do food blogging), I stamped a french fries and hotdog sandwich to it. The stamps are part of the set from Just to remind me that I need to blog about a recent food tasting. Last to get a touch of design is my Starbucks I use for journaling. Since it's a journal, designs are minimal so I can scribble, draw and doodle.

Week 1 on my Kikki K | Before the Pen
Week 1 on my Carpe Diem | Before the Pen
Week 1 on my Starbucks The Siren | Before the Pen

Week 2

I want to show you for Week 2 how the planners look like before the pen and after. I used same sets of list stickers from same sticker shop. If you wanna know where did I bought that watermelon paper clip, it's from Bits to Pieces. Next, I stamped an icon of a laptop and a unicorn on my Carpe Diem that I colored after. I put 2 designs of washi tapes at the bottom of the pages, too.

Week 2 Before the Pen and After on my Kikki K

Week 2 Before the Pen and After on my Carpe Diem

So that’s it for my Week 1 and 2. I am soon gonna share the next designs I will do for week 3 and 4. I will attempt to do no white space planning. Stay tuned for the blog post!

If you want to see more of my designs, click one photo you can find at the bottom of this page with label “PCT on Instagram.”

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