Shop Feature: Crafters Avenue

08 January

Hello there! First week of the year 2017 has just passed and my planners are doing a great job on releasing my stress and making me align to my tasks and schedule. Anyhow, this year, I have decided to start what PCT aims on sharing to you. That is, to share the shops I trust.

Mostly, the sellers of planner and other craft items are also creative planners. Like this one we are featuring the first time. Crafters Avenue is an Instagram and Facebook online shop owned by Cathrea Joy Fernandez.

Official Logo of the shop on their Facebook Page

Cathrea is a Creative Planner, too. She started with the craft last September 2015. She is really interested with Calligraphy until she saw that the art is being incorporated as design by other creative planners. She joined the group out of curiosity. 

here's Cathrea - owner of Crafters Avenue

I asked Cathrea some questions about her business and about Creative Planning. Here are her answers. 

What made you interested in creative planning?

I love sitting on a desk and planning things out. I'd been doing this with just a paper and a pen back then but when I discovered creative planning, I was able to plan more because it was more fun to write your dreams and aspirations with  washis, stickers, colored pens, stamps and decorative papers!

Why did you put up an online arts and crafts store?

I'm an Electronics Engineer by profession and I love numbers as expected. I wasn't really creative back then. The last time I can remember that I have hoarded stickers before I got into creative planning was during my elementary days. I hoarded art papers and stickers that time.

I dream of running a business since I was in college and I have already tried selling different things. I open up Crafters Avenue so I can hoard more and at the same time sell these items to my fellow creative planners and crafts enthusiast at a lower price and I'm  having so much fun doing what I'm doing right now. :)

 How long are you selling?

I just started selling last July 2016. That's almost half a year but I'm seeing myself doing this forever!

Crafters Avenue sells almost all sorts of things a planner girl needs. There are stamps, stickers, planners, card stocks, ink pads and other planner stuff. The one that I got from her is my new A5 Carpe Diem The Reset Girl Planner. Crafters Avenue uses Fastrack as their courier. When she shipped my order, I got it 2 days after. She told me she put the order under insurance as well. When I got it, it’s completely sealed and is inside a bubble wrap.

I reviewed her shop on Facebook that’s why I also get notifications if someone reviews it. My planner friends also gave her 5 stars. Our reasons:

  • The owner responds to query dearly
  • The owner is accommodating
  • The owner ships order on time
  • Cheaper prices
  • Fast transaction
Crafters Avenue is throwing a huge sale! Here are some of the items.

GorJuss Stamps | P130 up

Planners | P1350 up
Stickers: P240 and up

Check their social media accounts:

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